The “BENEFITS” of Renting Furniture - Be the Expert

Does it really make sense to pay money for something that you are not going to own? Is renting furniture a good idea? These are defining questions and are important to you for all the right reasons.

Let us put all your furniture rental worries to an end. Whether you are a stager, individual, or a student, renting furniture with us is an affordable alternative to investing cash in owning and maintaining furniture, especially when your need is temporary.

Here are the “BENEFITS” of renting furniture backed by our Maplefull Guarantee - Always.

Be in the new

Access to new styles and keep up with latest interior trends.
Don't get stuck using furniture you don't love any more.
All the latest furniture in one place, so you can mix and match different styles.


10 million tons of used furniture is tossed into landfills every year - don't contribute to it.
We invest in restoring and preserving our furniture so we can offer like-new pieces and not waste raw materials, in turn saving natural resources.
Protect the ecosystem by reducing deforestation and mining.

No waiting or assembly

No more sore thumbs and tricky instruction manuals.
All the latest furniture is in one place, so you can pick whatever you desire right away, delivered right to you.
Option to self-pickup and self-drop off.


No upfront large expense.
Cost-effective solution for your home staging needs.
No long-term commitments associated with owning furniture.

Flexible and adjustable

Flexibility over what goes into your staging project.
Stay mobile without having to worry about selling or moving your furniture. Extend your rental contracts easily.

Ideal for temporary use

No need to worry about finding second-hand buyers or depreciating value.
No moving-related damages to stress about.
No long-term commitments associated with owning furniture.


Low maintenance or upkeep.
No need to store items for staging.
No need to keep purchasing more inventory.


Fast and professional delivery/pick-up and easy returns.
Convenient and streamlined online ordering process.
Less stress, aggravation, and responsibility.
No difficult maintenance or upkeep.

Benefits for you

We have heard about cons regarding furniture rentals such as “lower profit margins”, “higher long-term cost”, “low quality” and “general lack of ownership”. Here are the benefits of renting furniture for you so that you get nothing but the upside, always backed by our Maplefull Guarantee.

We make staging convenient, affordable and provide the right resources to design homes that look warm and welcoming. Don't just settle and make a great first impression with the perfect staging rental furniture!

Convenient and hassle-free
High quality furniture and accessories. Our furniture is not old, unwanted, or cheap.
Weekly pricing
Personalized selection service
Same day delivery and installation
We handle installation and pickup
Option to self-pickup and self-drop off.
Our ordering process is hassle-free and simple