Our Process

Our five-step rental process is simple, easy, online and designed with keeping you in mind. We want to give you the perfect furniture rental experience, always backed up by our Maplefull Guarantee.

Step 1: Choose your furniture

Choose from a wide range of premium furniture that will transform your space.
Alternatively, our experienced consultants are available to assist you and will do the hard work for you, finding furniture and tailor your rental package that precisely matches your style and budget.

Step 2: Choose Duration

Choose the duration of your intended rental period starting with weekly rentals right from the start.

Step 3: Choose Pickup or Delivery

You can either choose to self-pick up your furniture or we can deliver it to you. Check out our Maplefull Guarantee to learn more about our delivery.
We can also put selected items on hold for up to 9 days prior to your intended pickup / delivery date.

Step 4: Quote / Checkout

You can get a quote before you place your order. Make sure you select your delivery preference and insurance plan to get a complete quote.
Our online checkout makes it easy to create an account, sign the rental agreement, and complete payment. Once the payment is processed, your furniture is booked. Its that simple.
There are no confirmation call backs and no changes to your selected furniture. You get what you choose. Every time.
After you checkout, we will keep your items ready for self-pickup or deliver it for you (if selected). You can also provide us with specific delivery instructions (if any) and our delivery partners will ensure your order is delivered on time and as per your specifications.

Step 5: Schedule Pickup / Return

Prior to your end of rental term, you can renew anytime on a week-to-week basis with no increase in fees.
If you like to own the furniture you rented, you may be able to purchase limited items from us.
If you choose not to renew, you can drop off the items or schedule your items for pickup.

Simply contact us and we will take care of the rest. Please review your rental contract for further details.

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