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Frequently Asked Questions


What are the safety measures that Maplefull Rentals has taken for COVID-19?
Your safety is our top priority. Learn more about our operations and safety measures for COVID-19.
What are Maplefull Rental’s ethos?

Our mission is to provide our customers with the best experience, exceptional service and unparalleled flexibility with originality and innovation to give you the one thing that matters - peace of mind.

Our vision is to deliver value through exceptional customer service and to be a one stop shop for our customers by providing premium furniture and home décor accessories for rent. Every time. Everywhere.

We promise to make every effort to ensure you have a memorable experience with us. When you become part of our family, we treat you with the utmost respect. Our guarantee is not just on paper but even in our actions.

Learn more about us.

What are your customer satisfaction goals?
We cherish your complete satisfaction. If you are not completely satisfied with us, we promise to make every effort to quickly resolve your issue. We value the opinions of our customers and strive to provide the absolute highest possible level of customer service.
Where do you operate?
We are located in Oakville, Ontario and we serve the province of Ontario. We have clients from Thunder Bay all the way to Kingston, ON. Contact us to discuss your needs.
I need interior design services to set up my space. What should I do?
All you must do is contact us, at a time that is convenient for you to discuss your needs.
What are the benefits of renting furniture?
Let us put all your furniture rental worries to an end. Whether you are a stager, individual, or a student, renting furniture is an affordable alternative to investing cash in owning and maintaining furniture, especially when your needs are temporary. Check out the “BENEFITS” of renting and be the expert.
Will the furniture I rent arrive brand new?

We offer high-quality furniture. In most cases our furniture may have been rented by previous clients and ranges from ‘gently used’ to ‘brand new’ in condition.

Rest assured that each piece is reviewed by our team of quality control professionals who thoroughly clean, disinfect, treat, and refurbish as necessary to achieve perfect showroom quality prior to delivery. This is how we ensure that we provide affordable products that are sustainable and eco-friendly.

Can I add more items to my order after delivery?

This is possible. Please contact us for further assistance.

What if I do not want some items at self-pickup or delivery?

If you are a stager, and you do not want an item at the time of self-pickup or delivery, inform us or our delivery team and we will remove it from your order. Please note that if the item is in good condition and refused for preference reasons or because the item does not fit your space, you will be charged a restocking fee. The restocking fee is 15% of your order total or $199, whichever amount is lower.

If you are an individual or a student, we offer a free exchange during the first two (2) business days to make sure you are happy with your furniture.

What if my furniture does not fit?

You should measure the dimensions of your doorways and hallways and compare them with your furniture selections prior to placing an order. If you realize an item may not fit, contact us so we can help you select a different item. A delivery fee and a restocking fee of 15% of your order total (restocking fee is capped at $199) will apply if an item must be exchanged after your initial delivery.

I am a student but would like to rent single items rather than a student package. Am I eligible for special student pricing?
We can definitely work with you to create a package that works for you. With a valid student ID, you may be eligible for special student pricing.
Do you offer an option to buy the furniture (rent-to-own)?

If you are a stager, the option to purchase is available on selected items that you have rented.

If you are an individual or a student, we offer rent to own options. If you would like to purchase your rented furniture, we will work out the best package for you. The rent you have already paid goes towards the final purchase price.

Contact us with the details and we can surely help you out.

I need to move my furniture from one unit to another. Can you help with that?
We do not permit the moving of rental furniture. We are happy to move furniture for you, for a minimal logistics fee.

Rental Process

How does the rental process work?

Our five-step rental process is simple, easy, fully online and designed with keeping you in mind. We want to give you the perfect furniture rental experience, backed by our Maplefull Guarantee - always.

Can I get a quote before I place an order?

If you are a stager, you can get a quote before you place your order. This option is available in your shopping cart. Simply add the items to your cart, choose your term, select your delivery preference and an insurance plan to get a complete quote.

If you are an individual or a student, continue the checkout process to get a quote. No payment details are required until after we have confirmed your order.

Is there a Rental Agreement for a rental order?

Yes. The Rental Agreement will be shared with you electronically once your order is placed and your credit check (if applicable) is complete. This agreement is a legally binding document that safeguards your interests as well as ours.

If you are a stager, the agreement is signed during the checkout process. No additional signatures are required.

If you are an individual or a student, the agreement needs to be signed within two (2) business days of receiving the agreement on your registered email. If we do not receive the signed agreement and payment confirmation within two (2) business days, the contract with will become null and void. Please note that any modifications in your order will result in a new rental agreement. The old rental agreement will be cancelled, and you will be charged a $199 cancellation fee.

What do I do if some of the items I added to my cart are now out of stock?

We’re sorry! You can choose similar items we have in our inventory. Therefore, we recommend placing an order as soon as possible! If you need any help, please contact us.

How do I know that my order is confirmed?

If you are a stager, your order is automatically confirmed once you have completed checkout on our website or in-person and payment has been made. We will email you the order confirmation details along with your rental agreement.

If you are an individual or a student, your order will be confirmed once the credit check is complete. We will email you the order details, payment instructions and the rental agreement for your signature. You will have two (2) business days to complete the payment, sign the rental agreement, and send it back to us. If we do not receive the signed agreement and payment confirmation within two (2) business days, the agreement with will become null and void. After we receive the signed agreement and payment confirmation your selection of items will be reserved, and you can schedule your delivery or self-pickup. See more details in the credit check section of the FAQs.

Can I cancel my order after I have submitted my payment but have not received delivery or picked up the items?

Yes, you can cancel your order at no extra cost if the request is made within 24 hours of placing the order.

If you reach out to us after 24 hours, you will be charged a cancellation fee of $199 since our warehouse will have begun preparing your order.

Orders may not be cancelled once the furniture is delivered or picked up. However, you can terminate your rental agreement early. Find out more.

What if I am not satisfied with something that was delivered?

We are sorry to hear about this. We take pride in the quality of our service and if there has been a lapse, we will provide you with a replacement. We take your feedback very seriously and do everything within our means to rectify these situations swiftly.

If you are not satisfied with any aspect of your product or delivery, please contact us and we will work with you to resolve the issue. If something arrives broken or damaged it will be replaced at no charge to you.

Please note that you are required to inform us about any damaged items immediately, as these requests will only be entertained within two (2) hours (for stagers) and within two (2) business days (for individuals and students) after the delivery has been made.

Rental Term

What is the minimum rental term?

The minimum rental term is two (2) weeks for stagers and one (1) month for individuals and students.

What happens when my initial rental term is about to expire?
  • Your rental agreement will be renewed / extended automatically unless we get a notice of termination from you at least two (2) business days prior to the expiry of your rental term. The agreement will be renewed / extended on a week-to-week basis (for stagers) and month-to-month basis (for individuals and students) with no increase in fees. You will receive a reminder email from us four (4) days before the end of your rental term so you can decide on your next steps.

  • If you like to own the furniture you rented, we offer purchase options. We will work out the best package for you. The rent you have already paid goes towards the final purchase price.

  • If you choose not to renew or purchase, you can schedule the items for pickup or drop off the items. Please review your rental contract for further details.

Contact us with the details of you selected option at least two (2) business days prior to the expiry of your rental term.

Additional charges may apply if we are required to pickup within 24 hours or on the same day.

Can I cancel my rental agreement early?

Yes, you can terminate your rental agreement anytime.

If you are a stager, you will be responsible for the remaining rental amount, and any outstanding charges and expenses incurred in removing the items from the property being staged.

If you are an individual or a student, you will be responsible for half of the remaining rental amount and will forfeit your initial security deposit.


What will I need to pay when I place my order?

The total amount of the order is determined by the items that you rent, the rental term, the type of delivery and insurance that you choose.

  • If you are a stager, you will pay the total amount of the order, a security deposit (15% of the total amount), insurance (if selected) and delivery (if selected), less any applicable discounts. For any renewals, the amount will be payable within two (2) business days of the renewal.
  • If you are an individual or a student, you will pay the first and last month’s rent, a security deposit (15% of the total amount), insurance (if selected) and delivery (if selected), less any applicable discounts. You can choose to pay a monthly rental or pay upfront for the entire duration of your rental term. A credit check is not required if you choose to pay the full amount upfront.

To see your expected costs, we recommend that you add items to your cart on our website and select the rental term, delivery, and insurance type. Our system will calculate the net payable amount on the checkout page.

What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept Mastercard, VISA, Interac transfer and Cash. We do not accept checks.

When will the billing cycle start?

Billing will start from day we deliver the items to your location, or from the day you self-pickup the items from our warehouse.

When do I pay my rental amount?

If you are a stager, the payable amount for the initial rental term is due upon booking. Rental amount for any subsequent renewals will be due on the first day of the renewal term, and payable within two (2) business days. If payment is not received within two (2) business days, we will auto-debit the outstanding amount from your card on file. For example, if your initial rental term ends on June 8th and the rental agreement extends, then your renewal amount will be due on the 9th. You will have two (2) business days to pay the amount due.

If you are an individual or a student, the payable amount is due at signing. If your rental term is longer than two months and not prepaid, your subsequent monthly rental amount will be due on the first day of the second month of your rental term, and payable within two (2) business days. This will be one month after your delivery date and will cover your rent for the second month. If payment is not received within two (2) business days, we will auto-debit the outstanding amount from your card on file. For example, if your delivery date is on June 8th, then your rent will be due on July 8th and payable before July 10th.

How do I pay my recurring rental amount?

We will send you an invoice when your payment is due, and it will be payable within two (2) business days. The invoice will be sent to your registered email address and will contain instructions on how you can pay the amount due.

You can pay through any mode of payment of your choice. If payment is not received within two (2) business days, we will auto-debit the outstanding amount from your card on file.

I have lost my credit card, or my credit card has expired. How do I use a new card?

To change the payment method or the card details on file, please contact us. We will send you instructions on how you can update your credit card details securely. Once the new card details have been updated, this information will be saved on file.

What happens if my auto-debit fails?

When the auto-debit fails, we will notify you via email and provide you with instructions on how you can pay the outstanding amount. The outstanding amount must be settled within 24 hours using a mode of payment of your choice.

If payment is not received within 24 hours, a late payment fee of $20 per day will be charged against your account, until such payment is completed in full.

What if I need to change the payment due date?

Contact us and we will help you out.

Delivery and Pickup

Do you offer delivery outside Ontario?

Currently we only serve the province of Ontario. If you need assistance in Ontario, you can contact us.

What is included in the delivery and pickup?

We will deliver, unpack, assemble, and place your furniture wherever you like it, then clear away all packing material so it is 100% ready to enjoy! Contactless delivery is available on request and pickup is included in the delivery fee. Please note that our crew will not be able to install any items that require wall mounting, such as wall art. At the end of your rental term, we will disassemble the furniture, pack and remove it from your location.

Curbside Delivery and Pickup: As part of our COVID-19 safety measures, we also offer to deliver your furniture by the curb or on your driveway outside your home so you can practice safe social distancing. Curbside pickup is also included in the delivery fee.

What is the cost of delivery and pickup?

The cost is calculated based upon the address where the items will be delivered and will be provided to you during checkout.

Can I self-pickup and self-drop off my furniture?

Yes, you can! For a nominal pickup fee, you can pick up the items from our warehouse and return them at the end of your rental term.

Can I change from self-pickup to delivery before my furniture is delivered?

Yes. You can opt for delivery if you notify us at least 2 business days prior to your scheduled self-pickup date. Please note that you will not be able to change from delivery to self-pickup because of the logistical arrangements made for delivery orders as soon as they are placed.

How quickly can you deliver after my order is placed?

If you are a stager, we provide delivery within two (2) business days. We also offer 24 hour or same day deliveries. Please contact us to discuss your needs.

If you are an individual or a student, we provide delivery within seven (7) business days after your order has been approved.

How long does setup take?

The average setup time is about 60 minutes for a set of living room and bedroom furniture. It varies depending on the number of items and ease of access to your home.

Do I need to be on-site when the delivery arrives?

You are not required to be present when your furniture is delivered if there are no personal items in the unit, and you provide us with permission to enter.

Can I change my delivery location before my order is delivered?

Yes, you can change your delivery location at least two (2) business days before your delivery date. Any changes requested within two (2) business days of your scheduled delivery may result in delays to delivery or additional charges.

How do I schedule a pickup?

Contact us to schedule a pickup and we will handle the rest! Please note that we require at least two (2) business days notice for pickup.

At the end of my rental term, can I opt for pickup even though I had not selected delivery at the start?

Yes, you can change your pickup option at the end of your rental term. You will be charged 50% of the delivery fee based on your postal code.

Do you deliver and pickup on weekends?

We offer weekend deliveries and pickup for an additional fee. However, we require at least two (2) business days notice to make arrangements. Contact us to discuss your weekend delivery or pickup options.

I want to change the date of my furniture pickup. What should I do?

Contact us and we will reschedule your pickup date. Any rescheduling requests may incur a rescheduling fee of $199.

What happens if my new rescheduled pickup date is after my rental period’s end date?

In this case, there will be an additional charge equal to the weekly or monthly (prorated) charge as applicable.


What discounts do you offer?

You are important to us and so we want to always treat you right. Our range of discounts offer you more options to save. We are serious when we say that our success is based on your success. We will automatically add the relevant discount to your order without you asking for it. Check out our offers.

How are the discounts applied?

The relevant discounts are applied to the aggregate before tax. If you believe we have missed to apply a specific discount to your order, please contact us and we will rectify it right away.

How does your Low-Price Guarantee work?

If you see comparable furniture at a lower price from one of our competitors, you may provide us with a written quote or advertisement and we will match the price, provided the following conditions are met:

  • Furniture must be of equal or similar style and quality, with final determination at Maplefull Rental’s sole discretion.
  • Applies to all rental terms and extensions. Your eligible discount percentage will be calculated based on the initial order value.
  • Quote of competitor must be from a credible furniture rental vendor and must be no older than 30 days.
  • The price match guarantee does not apply to the competitor’s typographical errors.


What are your insurance coverage plans?

If you agree to take Insurance Coverage, we will cover part of the cost of repair or replacement of the rented property arising from normal wear and tear during the usage of the items. See below for the type of damages that are covered and not covered by the Insurance Coverage.

The following table outlines our plans and their coverage:

Coverage PlanCostDeductibleDamage Coverage
Bronze11% of Rental Amount$100.0050%
Silver12% of Rental Amount$100.0075%
Gold15% of Rental Amount$100.0090%
Platinum20% of Rental Amount$0.00100%

1 Available to stagers only.

Below are the details (non-exhaustive) of the type of damage covered by insurance coverage plan.

Covered - Damages (on all materials except leather) that can be repaired, and the item can be restored to its original condition. It does not hinder the product’s functionality such as but not limited to:

  • Accidental damages caused during regular use of furniture (normal wear and tear)
  • Accidental scratches, gouges, abrasions, chips, dents, watermarks, heat rings or water or beverage marks or rings that penetrate the topcoat of hard surface finishes and are easily fixed.
  • All accidental stains and dirt attributed to a single occurrence (excluding accumulation defined as a gradual build-up of dirt, dust, body oils and perspiration).
  • Denting of covering fabric (does not include leather)
  • The action of sunlight, fading or gradually operating causes (including but not limited to pile shading), wind, weather, rust or corrosion, color loss, expansion, or shrinkage of furniture components.
  • Scorching or any related damage including ring marks on leather caused by a heat source such as a hot plate or a cup.
  • Light staining that can be removed easily.
  • Breakage caused by regular use of the furniture (excluding glass or mirror components)

Not covered - Damage that is caused to a product that renders the product incapable of being restored to its original condition such as but not limited to:

  • Loss caused due to mold and/or pest infestation, theft or burglary or natural disaster.
  • Staining with all dyes, bleach, corrosives, acid, caustic soda, mineral oils, dye transfer, indelible ink, drawings or scribble, ink, crazy glue, varnish etc.
  • Damage due to very deep scratches/chips, unremovable stains, tears, or structural damage.
  • Damage due to consequential odors remaining on the product once the stain has been treated.
  • Puncturing or splitting of leather or covering fabric.
  • Damage resulting from the actions of contracted service suppliers, such as plumbers, painters etc.
  • Failure of integral electrical components.
  • Breakage of glass or mirror components.
  • Damage caused by mishandling of the furniture and/or moving it without our prior consent.
  • Pet parents are welcome to rent furniture, however, please be aware that pet damage is not covered by our insurance protection.

Any non-covered damage may result in a charge equal to the purchase price of the item. Final determination of the type of damage is at Maplefull Rental’s sole discretion.

How can I purchase the insurance coverage?

You will have the option to select your insurance plan from the shopping cart page. Verify the final rental amount and proceed to check out. Please note that insurance cannot be added to your order after the items have left our warehouse.

What should I do if I want to cancel my insurance coverage?

Your insurance coverage plan automatically renews each term (weekly or monthly). However, you may choose to cancel the plan at any time. An inspection of the items will be required prior to cancellation of the coverage (additional charges may apply). Insurance coverage cancellations are effective from the time of the inspection. Insurance coverage charges will not be refunded or pro-rated. You will be responsible for any damages prior to the cancellation based on the insurance coverage you had purchased. All cancellations are final.

I already have my renter’s insurance. Will it cover the furniture I rent from you?

While property insurance is required (applicable only for individuals and students) that will cover the replacement value of the items, renter’s insurance cannot be used to cover damage charges. However, you can subscribe to our Insurance Coverage to get protection against damage on furniture you rent for a small fee.


I think I may have damaged my furniture. Are there any immediate steps I can take?

Please contact us with pictures of the damaged furniture so we can help you with the next steps.

If the damage is not causing any safety issues and the item is still usable, you can continue to use the item until the end of your term. At that time, you can determine if it is best to return the item or purchase it (if applicable). If you do not have insurance coverage, you will be responsible for repair/cleaning costs.

Will I be charged for furniture damage and how will this fee be calculated?

Yes, you will be responsible for the repair costs of damaged furniture. The way we calculate this depends on how severe the nature of the damage is and if you have opted for insurance coverage.

Our Furniture Technicians will evaluate the cost of repairs at our warehouse. Some of the criteria for this evaluation include, but is not limited to:

  • the type of damage,
  • the material of the damaged item,
  • the length of your rental term,
  • the level of expected wear and tear, and
  • your insurance coverage plan.
What is your damage inspection process?

Our team will make note of any imperfections as they inspect and photograph your items at the time of pickup or when you drop off. If we are picking up, the photographs are taken in your home before the furniture is disassembled so you can rest assured that you will not be held liable for damage that occurs during transit.

Our delivery partners will do their best to notify you of damages and they will make a note on the pickup receipt which you will sign at the end of the pickup. However, our delivery partners do not determine damage charges and cannot confirm or deny any possible charges. They are simply making notes so the items can be properly categorized when they arrive back at our warehouse for refurbishment. Whether you confirm the damage at the time of pickup or not, you may be responsible for damaged items returned. Please inspect your furniture before your pickup and contact us if you have any concerns.

After your pickup, your items will undergo a full inspection at our warehouse by our repair team who will determine the applicable charges based on the extent of damage. We will contact you within 3-5 business days after your pickup / drop-off to report on the damage charges that would apply.

How do I take care of my furniture so that I can prevent any damage to it?
  • Exercise caution when unpacking to prevent damage to furniture and upholstery from sharp objects
  • Dust regularly with a soft brush, cloth, or vacuum cleaner
  • Use a nylon brush to remove dirt or crumbs from suede and fabric upholstered furniture
  • Remove pet fur from furniture with a lint roller
  • Clean spills immediately with a damp cloth and mild cleaner
  • Ensure glass cleaner does not affect non-glass parts of furniture
  • Do not use bleach solutions
  • Avoid using strong or harsh detergents
  • Keep wooden surfaces free of standing water
  • Cover outdoor furniture when not in use
  • Avoid prolonged exposure of outdoor furniture to extreme weather conditions
  • Keep sharp objects away from the surface to prevent scratches
  • Handle furniture with wood, metal, glass, and marble elements with care to avoid abrasion, cracks, chips, dents, and other types of damage
  • Avoid placing wooden furniture in direct sunlight to prevent discoloration
  • Do not place furniture close to wood-burning stoves, radiators, etc.
There is always some level of wear and tear when using furniture. Will I still be penalized in this case?

We know that there is a certain level of wear and tear that occurs with furniture usage, like washable spots, dust, and faint scratches. This applies to all materials except leather. In cases where the damage requires repairing, you will be charged the cost of repairs based on the Insurance Coverage.

Damage caused by mishandling of the furniture and/or moving it without our prior consent will not be covered under the Insurance Coverage.

Credit Check (applicable to individuals and students only)

Will my furniture rental require a credit application?

Yes. A credit application is required for monthly billing purposes.

Do you run a credit check?

To provide the best experience for our customers, we run a soft credit check that does not affect your credit score. Soft credit checks (also known as “soft pulls”) typically occur when a company checks your credit as part of a verification process. One such example could be when a credit card issuer checks your credit to see if you qualify for certain credit card offers.

Once you place an order, we may require some additional documents from you to complete the process. Please note that you can schedule a delivery only after your credit check is completed and approved. We suggest that you share these documents with us at the earliest!

Please note that if you have not been approved, you will not be able to schedule your delivery and there is a chance the inventory you ordered may go out of stock.

Why do you run a credit check?

Just like a property manager renting out an apartment, we run a credit check to ensure our customers are in a financial position to make scheduled monthly rental payments.

How does the credit check process work?

We will ask you provide us with a few pieces of information. Our team will then be able to determine the monthly rental amount that we think is the best fit for you.

Will this impact my credit score?

No. We run a soft credit check that does not affect your credit score.

Is your system secure?

Our systems follow the best security standards. Your information is fully encrypted and safe with us.

What if I am a student or moving here from a foreign country, and don’t have a credit history?

Don’t worry, we have alternative ways of evaluating your creditworthiness, which may simply require additional documents to be submitted.

Why do you need my Photo ID?

We require valid photo identification to protect our customers against fraudulent transactions and identity theft. We want to make sure we provide our high-quality service to you and only you!

What documents do you accept as secondary forms of proof of my identity or address?

We may ask you to provide additional confirmation of your identity or current address, in which case we would accept any of the following documents that should contain your name and current address:

  • Paystub
  • Bank Statement
  • Tax Return
  • Cable, phone, gas, or electricity bill
  • Property Tax bill
  • Automobile, homeowner’s, or renter’s insurance
  • Loan or mortgage statements
  • Vehicle registration
  • Government-issued photo ID (such as passport, license, PR card etc.)
Is there any way I can rent if I do not have the necessary documentation?

We offer a pay upfront option to customers we think are best suited to make all their rent payments upfront, allowing you to not worry about making regular payments over the rest of your term.

How do I pay upfront?

You will have the option to pay a monthly rent or pay the full amount upfront after the credit check process has been completed. If you originally selected monthly payments and later decide to pay upfront, contact us and we will handle it for you. We will send you all the necessary invoices and receipts upon the completion of the charge. It’s as simple as that!

What is covered when I pay upfront?

Included in upfront payment is the remaining monthly rental amount, which includes, as applicable, the refundable security deposit, insurance coverage charge, delivery fee, as well as any applicable taxes.